Toyota Qualis Car Rental in Hyderabad

If you are an avid traveller who is visiting Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, you are mostly likely to fall in love with the city. Known for its aromatic Biryani and towering structures, it also doubles up as a hub for shoppers from all walks of life.

Although the city has no dearth of swanky malls and big bombastic brands, there is certainly something about street side shopping that draws us to its markets. A pro tip, do not hop into the rickshaws and autos, Book a Qualis Cab in Hyderabad and make your life simply easy because you will be going back with heaps of shopping bags, and you definitely a car size that big.

The hawkers spilling over to the sidewalks and their colourful bangles and itars give Hyderabad its real flavour. Below are the cheapest places to shop till you drop in the streets of Hyderabad:

  1. Koti Bazaar: Known for its exquisite junk jewelry, embroidered jutis and churidaars, this bazaar has been around for the past 200 years or so. A one stop shop for women’s clothing, stylish salwar kameez sets, dazzling jewelry and row after row of Hyderabad’s finery is on display in this bazaar.
  2. Begum Bazaar: The queen of bazaars, this market sells a wide variety of products. From household items, décor, kitchen essentials, exotic dry fruits, cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes, down to tobacco, the list is endless. Being one of the largest commercial markets in the country, one can avail great bargains and amazingly cheap prices here.
  3. Perfume Market: Situated between the Laad Bazaar and the Moti Chowk, the perfume market is bang opposite to the towering Charminar. Small glass bottles of perfumes of scented liquid give you a head rush as you step your foot in this bazaar. Famously known as ‘itra’, these perfumes are made locally with absorbable oils and are a quite sought after souvenir taken back from this city.
  4. Laad Bazaar: The famous west of Charminar bazaar, paradise for bangle lovers, Laad bazaar boasts of a plethora of items on display- khara dupattas, fabrics, spices, silk sarees, silverware, perfumes and a lot more. However, the most sought after product in this market, the lacquer bangle is what makes this market unique. Embellished with precious stones and gems, the lacquer bangles are the staple souvenirs to take back from this beautiful city.

If you want to roam in and around the numerous bazaars and sightseeing places in Hyderabad, rent a Toyota Qualis car in Hyderabad for full-day/2/3/4/5 days. With the sheer variety of items available on display, the bazaars ware sure to burn your pockets, but your commute shouldn’t- Qualis car rental per km is so cost efficient that you can shop to your heart’s content.

Apart from the cheap Qualis cab tariff in Hyderabad, the interiors of the car are spacious enough to fit in packets after packets of the fineries and essentials picked up from the sidewalk after hours of speculation and bargain. Qualis car hire in Hyderabad lets you pay a visit to the markets tucked away in small pockets of the city too, and makes your travel to the city a memorable one.

Book a Qualis Cab in Hyderabad and travel with your family comfortably in and around the city. With plush interiors and comfortable seats, Qualis car rentals in Hyderabad are easy, efficient as well as cost cutting so your tour in the city is a safe one.