Madurai Car Rentals

Situated on the banks of the revered Vaigai river, the subject of numerous poems is the beautiful city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Belonging to one of the most culturally vibrant states of India, Madurai is gifted with a rich heritage which is reflected in its temples, monuments, food, dance, festivals and handicrafts.

Madurai Car Rentals, one of the top cab service providers in Madurai will ensure you comfort and that you have a pleasant experience. Good quality cars at affordable pricing is a guarantee at Madurai Car Rentals. Our user friendly web interface makes booking cabs anytime an easy and hassle free task.

Often, while visiting the south, travellers complain about the gap in communication due to the presence of language barriers. Our drivers vow to try to the best of their ability to communicate effectively with the passengers in order to understand their instructions and needs. Most of our drivers can speak in English, Hindi, Tamil and other South Indian languages fluently.

In addition, from a commercial perspective, Madurai contributes greatly towards the cultivation of cotton, coffee, paddy and rubber. The place offers a variety in cuisine which is like no other and has its very own personalised soft drink called Bovonto.

Mutton balls, rice based dishes like Ven Pongal and special fish curries would be a sin to miss. Kal Dosai and Ratha Poriyal is available in a few lunch homes for the courageous souls out there. Try their famous dessert called ‘Jigarthanda’ right after.

Everyone belonging to this place will speak of the warm and homely atmosphere of the numerous lunch homes located here. A visit to this city, calls for a change of outfit because the unique half sarees called Thavani or Dhavani are irresistible, making Madurai a fairly popular tourist and pilgrimage site.

The city however, has faced an unprecedented increase in unplanned urban sprawl. Along with this problem come the twin consequences of waterlogging during monsoons and traffic problems, making travelling in local transport extremely inconvenient. But don’t let these barriers stop you from experiencing the splendour of the southern peninsula. Simply opt for Madurai car rentals for a comfortable ride in the city.

Courteous behaviour along with punctuality and efficiency is what all our drivers are instructed to follow and they are well versed with all the highways, roads, lanes along with the famous tourist hubs of the city. Cars with unpleasant odour, dustry seats and trash can be a real mood-ruiner. It is a daily duty to keep the cars clean, hygienic and well maintained in order to provide you with quality service.

Facing a dearth of places to visit in Madurai is practically unheard of. There are many popular tourist attractions in Madurai. The length and breadth of this lotus-shaped city is dotted with grand temples, flower markets, textile and handicraft lanes and historical museums.

All other monuments fail before the grandeur of the the Meenakshi Amman Temple which is the focal point around which the city has been structured. The Thiruparankundram temple and the Thirumalai Nayakkar temple are other architectural marvels.

Some of the other places to visit are Gandhi museum, Samanar Hills, Puthu Mandapam and the unique banana and flower market. ‘The city that never sleeps’ will never fail to meet your expectations and same goes for the cabs we provide. Happy Travelling!